Romeo's Story


Romeo’s story:

We rescued dear sweet Romeo from the South Los Angeles Shelter.  He is a small senior Poodle who we were immediately smitten with.  He had some dental issues and we had his front teeth (top and bottom pulled).  

Romeo did not get adopted right away.  In fact, he spent the first year in our home with us.  We fell in love with him.  However, it is our purpose to find homes for the dogs we rescue.  And one day someone came along looking for a dog just like Romeo.  We had already strongly bonded with him, but it was time to say goodbye and let him go to his new Forever home… so we thought.

We checked on him one time and he tried to leave with us, but otherwise he seemed fine in his new home.  We wouldn’t find out until later (from the neighbors) that Romeo was not well-taken care of.  She (the adopter) would let him out to go potty and he would sometimes sit on the sidewalk all by himself.  We didn’t find out that Romeo had gone missing until he was already gone for two months.  We were in a full panic.  Jeff and I rushed to Orange County to search; talk to neighbors, and hang fliers.  This June it will be 2 years since our sweet boy, Romeo, went missing.  We are still looking.  

In the meantime, during our search, we have rescued 4 Romeo look-alikes and have placed them in good responsible homes.  We still have one Poodle boy (named Romeo), but he doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast.  He’s quite happy hanging out with us and Booster.  Here is Romeo’s video.  If you happen to have ANY leads, please let us know.  We love and miss this sweet boy terribly, and we need to bring him home.  Thank you.  Joan

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